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Welcome to tools and tips.

In this section, you will find a variety of helpful reminders to get you through the day. Here are some ways you can use this section:

1. If you are stuck or struggling with something, check out this section and find the tool or tip that speaks to you right now, at this moment.

2. Check out the various handouts you will find and if they inspire you to learn more, look for the classes they came from.

3. You can use any of these tools (voice dialogue, housecleaning ritual and so on) to just move things forward in your soul work.

4. By perusing this section, you may be reminded of a few things you have learned but somehow almost forgotten; it may be time to practice something you find here.

_________________________Enjoy and may it be helpful.

Spiritual Counseling:

Are you feeling disconnected from your spirit? From your soul? From God? From your emotions? Your physical body? Check out the following suggestions.

  • Meditation Practices
    _____> Meditation Practices handout
  • Prayer
  • Voice Dialogue (having someone else facilitate you or doing some aware ego work on your own)
    _____> Voice Dialogue handout
  • Ask God or spirit for guidance and for the courage to follow it when it comes.
  • Ask yourself questions kindly but honestly and open to your own answers.
    ______> See the intuition handout
  • Journaling and drawing
  • Film and Music
  • Do something nourishing for yourself.
    _____> Ways to Nourish Yourself
  • Consider a vacation, spiritual retreat or vision quest.
  • Call or visit someone who inspires you.
  • Call me for a session!


Energy Management Training :

When the energy in your life feels stuck, depleted, scatterd, flat or just plain gone,
try one of the following techniques.

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