Intuition course :

Questions for meditation or journaling (Note: These questions are especially good if you can't seem to get an intuitive answer; or if you want to open to one when you are solving some problem, either at work or in your personal life.)


Do you have any negative reaction such as judgment, fear, resentment, guilt...about the problem you are trying to solve or decision you want to make? (this would include desperation, not wanting to hear no, etc.)




What is motivating you as you are making your decision or coming up with the solution?




In general, what motivates you in your personal life? At work? In relationship? Be brutally honest with yourself, for once you know what is truly motivating you, such as fear, security, approval and so on, you can choose to change it or not.




Are you honest with yourself, or do you tell yourself what part of you wants to hear such as what would make you feel comfortable? Is it all right for your intuition or guidance to be honest with you?




What else might be blocking your intuition? Are you willing to let these things go? Do you need proof that your intuition is correct before you will trust it?




Where do your intuitive hits come from? Your heart? Your gut? Do they disappear or change when you talk to other people? Do you keep changing your mind or disagreeing with yourself? If so, check your motivation; it may not be clear, so your intuition may be getting mixed requests.




How do you feel about yourself? Do you trust yourself? Do you respect yourself enough to allow your intuition to speak to you? If not, what actions do you need to take or what behaviors do you need to change to increase your self-esteem?


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