Energy Checklist :

  • Call your energy or spirit back from wherever it might be.

  • Send any energy you may have picked up back to its owner.

  • Do something that feeds your energy and your soul.

  • Talk with or journal with different parts of yourself;
    remember the goal is to help you separate from one perspective, not to make it go away.

  • Breathe in your spirit and consciously direct it in your body.

  • Take any energy you wish to shift, put it in a golden garbage can and explode it sending it back to the universe for recycling.

  • Take a psychic sponge or any other tool and clean out your aura, both inside and out.

  • Put on some music and dance or move whatever you are feeling.

  • Practice trus by spending a few minutes in meditation,
    entrusing everything from your body to your life to God.

  • Allow your body to experience the feeling of trust
    so you can recreate it when you need it later.

  • Meditate using sound to center you and raise your vibration.
    (ah for creation, om for gratitude, eee to wake up)

  • Invest your energy wisely.

  • Ask yourself at the end of the day how you used your energy. For what attitudes? For which people? For which perceptions?

  • Check your motivation. What motivates you on a daily basis?

  • Chakra alinement (Check or ask that your chakras be as open as is appropriate.)

  • Surround yourself with your own energy field.
    If energy hits you that you don't want, imagine that it comes with a volume knob and turn it down. This allows you to bring another energy or perspective to the foreground so you don't have to match it or defend against it.

  • Move energy.
    If you find yourself worrying or afraid or something like that,
    pull your energy back and see if you can consciously send it somewhere else.
    If you get stuck in a feeling, draw it on a large piece of paper.
    Then sit directly on it so that you experience sitting in the middle of that feeling, whatever it is. Then sit facing the paper and feel yourself outside that experience.
    Then lie down on the paper and stretch your arms, legs and neck as far as you can. Feel yourself in the feeling and at the same time bigger than that one experience. Stay in this position until you feel that you truly are bigger than that feeling.

  • Play. It is good for the soul.

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