Meditation Practices :

There are as many different meditation practices out there as there are people doing them. This is not a definitive list, but rather a reminder of some of them. Like any spiritual practice, meditation is most helpful when done consistently over time, but you may find that a different type of meditation resonates with you more strongly at this moment.

Mindfulness Meditation

Sit comfortably with the back straight and focus on your breath. If your thoughts wander, just say quietly to yourself: "Thinking!" Then return to gently focusing on your breath. The goal is not to make any feeling go away, but just to be present with whatever moves through you with no judgment. This is best done without music.


Centering Meditation

Sit comfortably but with your back straight. Let yourself be grounded in the room. Bring the energy of the earth into your body through your feet. Then bring in the energy of the cosmos through your crown chakra. Next, allow the energy from your heart center to move out through your arms into the universe. Breathe your spirit into all parts of your body and take time to feel your body. Then as you encounter thoughts, feelings or stuckness, send your spirit and unconditional love to those places.


Energy Clearing Meditation

Clear your energy field chakra by chakra and then take time to look at any issues chakra by chakra. Remember to replace any energy you clear with new information. If this is not familiar to you and you wish it were, check out upcoming classes.


Movement Meditation

With or without music, let your body move as it needs too and pay attention to thoughts, feelings or other experiences that move through you.


Sound or Music Meditation

Use music or sound to inspire you, offer images from your unconscious, or to guide you back to your soul. You may choose music or make the sounds yourself.


Meditating on Questions or Issues

Begin with the centering meditation. Then check in one at a time with your body, your emotional self, your mind and your spirit. Each time, ask your question, and then ask if there are any other messages for you. Take a moment to take in all the information and allow yourself to find the answer in the creative tension amidst all four answers.


Sacred Meditation

Read words from a sacred text, look at a picture of a spiritual teacher, or choose something in nature and then meditate on it.


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