Housecleaning Ritual :

This ritual may be used to clear the energy from any space where you spend time.
I recommend doing this process at least once a season. It will make a profound difference in your everyday life.

Ingredients needed: Epson salts (or however you spell that), rubbing alcohol, bell and rattle or two items that make noise

Begin by preparing yourself mentally and energetically. Center as best you can, and take a moment to clarify your intention for this process. For example, My intention is to release all those energies I have been holding that no longer serve.
State it out loud. Then thank the energy you are about to release, for it has served you in some way, if only to protect you from change.

Next pour the salt into a bowl, a bowl you are not very attached to. The bowl should either be metal or seramic. Make a mound in the center and pour the alcohol around it. I was told to use equal parts of salt to alcohol; you don't need that much alcohol. You then light the salt. Trust me, the alcohol will burn and you will get quite a flame, so do be careful. Remember, the bowl may get hot, so put a towel under it. Once the flame is manageable, carry the bowl around the house, asking the salt to draw in any energy you are ready to release. It will loosen the rest. In my case, the flame was so big that I walked around the house sending the energy back to the bowl until I could carry it around. That is how I learned not to overdo the alcohol.

Once that is done: Take your bell, or whatever you have chosen instead. Begin walking slowly through your house in a counter-clockwise direction. Begin naming those things you wish to release.

Statement: I cast out all the energy of the fights with spouse, roomate, family... Then ring the bell. I cast out all the energy from people who used to live here. Ring the bell. I cast out all the trauma from illness, job and so on. Ring the bell. Keep going as long as things come to you. Do not question what comes to you, no matter how small it may seem. Don't forget the bathrooms and closets.

When you have finished: Next take your rattle or whatever you have chosen for this. Begin walking clockwise through your house, naming those energies and qualities you wish to bring in. Statement: I bring in energies to augment my healing and that of my children. Shake the rattle. I bring in the energy of order and stability. Shake the rattle. Again, go all through the house.

When you are through: Spend a few moments meditating or just sitting with the new energy, and then ask that the house be surrounded by a bubble of energy, allowing in and out only those energies which are appropriate for you and your family. Don't forget to allow space for friends to come in and out.

When you are done, do something to celebrate! Best of luck, and call me if you have any questions.

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