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Endorsements from other professionals of the field:

Lynnaea Lumbard
Director and co-founder of Naos Foundation School for Sacred Studies

I have known Victoria since 1986, and I have been deeply inspired by her unwavering commitment to consciousness work. Like the blind prophet, Tiresias, Victoria's gift lies in being able to see into the truths of the soul past all illusion. She is able to guide others through their own transformational journeys, as well as to hold a sacred space in which people can develop their own inner resource. She is especially skilled in utilizing voice dialogue as a tool to engender wholeness in people's lives. I trust her implicitly, and I highly recommend her work.


Reverend Laura Hopper

Director of Psychic Horizons

I have known Victoria since 1993. She is committed to using the energy meditation tools in her everyday life, and because of this, is more than capable of teaching them to others. I would not hesitate to recommend her work to anyone.

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