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Welcome to Soul News / Viewpoint,
a page where you can gain a spiritual perspective on major current events.


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As a spiritual counselor and journalist, I believe that the world works much as each human being does. The world has its own soul journey, complete with its own mythology, its own archetypal patterns, and its own need for wholeness. By understanding that journey, the world, just like every individual, will be able to transform as it is meant to.

I am now creating a radio news program which will examine some of the more significant issues of our time from this spiritual perspective; its current working title is Viewpoint.
It is my hope that this program will help people find a deeper understanding and meaning in world events which, otherwise, seem to make no sense.

In addition, this newscast will offer many practical and creative ideas for change where it is needed. And finally, with this program, I believe people will become more connected to news and world events, not disempowered by them. Please stay tuned for more details. In the meantime, on this page, I will be offering some commentaries on news events for you to consider. For now, these posts will appear somewhat at random, but I will post them on a more regular basis as the program develops.

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