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Lyrics to:
Walking the Wheel

Songs for the Four Directions
by Victoria Post

For the South
Let the Body Dance

by Victoria Post

It's the taste of a juicy strawberry sweet
The smell of the sage growin' wild;
The touch of a hand as two people greet
The sound of the ocean tide.
It's the faith to explore places unknown
Or the freedom to just take it slow
To follow the rhythm in your bones
To feel the ebb and flow
Of your body as it sings the South song.

So here's to the blood that makes us whole
And the water runnin' through our soul.
Teach us how to trust enough to let the body love.
And here's to the blood that gives new life
And the water that heals a soul gone dry.
Give us the courage to take the chance to let the body dance;
Let the body dance.

It might be the dance of a child at play
With the innocence of outstretched hands,
Or the dance of a lover in a wild embrace
With passion in command.
The dance may find you runnin' through the grass
Or sittin' at a desk all day.
It might leave you lying flat on your back
Or standing in the rain,
But your body has the wisdom to keep you safe.

So dance though the steps are still unknown
They're hidden in the rhythm of your bones;
And none of us will ever dance alone.

Some will shed their blood in a warrior's fight
Some give it at Menses time;
But we all gotta give to the river of life
With our blood and the tears we cry.
Our laughter makes the flowers bloom
Our rage can clear the land;
Our love will make the soil like new
Where trees can grow again.
All this the Earth knows, and our bodies understand.


For the West
O My Soul

by Victoria Post

Who am I? Why have I fallen? O my soul!
When and why and what is callin'? O my soul!
And must I walk through this darkness all alone?
And must I truly die? O my soul!

O my soul, lead me on; O my soul, bring me home.
O my soul, lead me on; O my soul, bring me home.

I can feel something stirrin', O my soul!
I rejoice and yet I fear it, o my soul!
Give me courage to endure what I don't know
And bless what emerges, o my soul!

O my soul, reach for me now;
As in I go, teach me how.

For my mind's not sure I'm ready, o my soul!
But my heart is strong and steady, o my soul!
Grant me grace to hold myself as life unfolds
And live the love that dwells in my soul.

O my soul! Bring me home. O my soul.

For the North
North Winds Blow

by Victoria Post

The wheel now turns northward
And calls every soul forward
To bring its gifts to lend a helping hand.
Some old dreams may shatter,
So we can see what matters,
Beliefs that do not serve us now must end.
So we can tell our people where we stand.

North winds blow round and round!
Call the soul with a howl!
Clear the leaves from the ground
Til the soul's work is found.
If we work hand in hand
Facing winter's demands,
Side by side our souls can stand
As north winds blow.

North winds blow, north winds blow.

By choosing that which feeds you,
And discarding what impedes you,
You'll find the time for the things you value most.
To be who you'd like to be
And take care of each other's needs
And trust that your small part completes the whole
Requires strength of body, mind and soul.

North winds blow, let it go!
Call the soul, let it show!


Repeat chorus again if desired.

North winds blow, north winds blow.

For the East
Let Spirit Shine

by Victoria Post

To the east my eyes must turn,
To the land where fire burns,
To the place where my spirit yearns to fly.
As the sun begins to rise,
Show me vision for my eyes;
Plant the seeds of new beginning for my life,
And turn to dust the things that now must die.

Kyrie Eleison;
Om Mane Padme Hum;
Baruch Ata Adonai;
Jai Jai Ram, Jai Jai Ram;
La Illaha Illa Allah;
Wakantanka, let your spirit shine.

Let it shine, let it shine.

Give me vision, give me hope;
Help me turn my dreams to gold;
Be a partner to my soul along the way.
Let your fire light my flame,
And let just enough remain
To transform all that needs changin' in your name,
And inspire me to heed the words I say.

Let it shine on this old world; bring some light to this troubled place.
Let it shine on this old world; lift us with a little grace.
And let it shine upon my face.

Chorus until last line

Last line:
Wakantanka, let it shine; Om; Om.

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