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Do you know what life is asking from you in this moment? Do you hide your light behind habits, excuses and limitations? Our true greatness lies, not so much in what we accomplish, but rather, in our ability to love and make empowering choices again and again. Join host, spiritual counselor, psychic and energy trainer Victoria Post and explore the many ways we are called into that greatness as individuals and as a collective. Each week, Victoria and her guests help you identify your own unique calls to greatness and support you in finding the courage and resources you need to follow through. Their stories of healing and hope will sharpen your awareness, touch your soul, and inspire you to see your life differently; their wisdom and grace will give you permission to live the life that calls you.

1/3/07 - Climbing to Greatness: Harnessing the "Adversity Advantage"

Join Victoria as she interviews blind mountain climber, Erik Wehenmayer. On May 26, 2001, Erik Wehenmayer made history as the first blind man to summit Mount Everest. On that same day, Victoria made personal history by climbing Mount Shasta. In this fascinating show, Victoria and Erik share stories of their adventures, including their life philosophies which helped them surmount all manner of obstacles. Imagine trying to put up a tent or tie your crampons while wearing thick mountain gloves when you can't see what you're grabbing! Erik also discusses his latest book, "The Adversity Advantage: Turning Everyday Struggles into Everyday Greatness." Erik's incredible spirit and life experience, combined with co-author, Paul Stoltz's scientific study of adversity, provide a step-by-step guide to greatness. Learn how to make adversity one of your most important allies; hear what real courage sound like; and find out what one man does after climbing Everest.

12/27/06 - Narcissism: A Path to Greatness

Join Victoria as she talks with Carrie Clark-Kenny, Ph.D. about the role of narcissism in modern life. Clark-Kenny holds a doctor of Philosophy in Mythological Studies from the Pacifica Graduate Institute; her dissertation, “The Inspired Narcissist”, focuses on healing the "Wounds of Narcissism through Renewed Individual, Cultural and Environmental Experience." Victoria and Carrie explore the myth of Narcissus, the prevalence of Narcissism in today's culture and what it really means to be "narcissistic." Learn how embracing and living out this myth can help move you from endless searching and self-absorption to a life of deep love and connection and true greatness. So don't miss this show ­ It really is all about you!

12/13/06 - Dancing with the Spirits of Weather

Join Victoria as she interviews shamanic practitioners and weather dancers, David Corbin and Nan Moss. Both Corbin and Moss are currently faculty members of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. They are certified in Harner Method Shamanic Counseling by the Foundation and have a private practice specializing in shamanic counseling, soul retrieval, and shamanic healing. Both have been "dancing" with the weather spirits for nearly ten years. Victoria, David and Nan explore new ways to relate to the weather, learn how the weather spirits can help mitigate the effects of global warming, and gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of our own internal weather. Nan and David share the challenges and wisdom gained from their journey with weather, including stories and hopes for healing on a personal and global level. So tune in and call in with your questions. Your greatness is the only umbrella you need. And the weather forecast for this show - phenomenal!

12/6/06 - End Times: Choice or No Choice?

Open any newspaper, browse any bookstore, turn on your television ­ we are bombarded by images and stories of end-of-the-world prophecies. This is a world-wide phenomenon, reflecting a deep longing within us to be one with God's spirit, to rise up above our current troubles; to be called home; to do something other than live our current incarnation. Victoria interviews Lynnaea Lumbard, depth psychologist, writer and facilitator of workshops. Most recently, Lynnaea collaborated with a group of colleagues to create an educational and entertaining web site,, exploring the many beliefs and traditions connected to the "end of days." Victoria and Lynnaea explore the predominance of the ascension motif, our relationship to the different prophecies, and the choices we make here on Earth as a result. This discussion is not intended to support any particular belief system, only to explore prophecies that span many religions and traditions.

11/29/06 - Change Your Environment: Change Your Life

Is your greatness hidden somewhere within a pile of clutter? Is your own vision dulled by a lifeless environment? Join Victoria as she interviews multicultural Feng Shui consultant and mentor, Laurelyn Baker. Since 1991, Laurelyn Baker has been transforming environments through her practice of Black Sect Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui. She is a disciple of His Holiness Grandmaster Professor Lin, and an enrolled member of the Little Shell Pembina Anishinaabe (Chippewa) tribe. She is known for her sense of humor, her ability to transform a room using the existing furniture, and her heartfelt blessing ceremony which she gives to every client. Gain a deeper, more current understanding of Feng Shui. Hear some great stories, get a special blessing, and learn ways to partner with the physical space where you live and work. So tune in and make room for your greatness!

11/22/06 - Freedom Within Limitations

To be truly great, we all need to experience some kind of freedom ­ mostly, the freedom to be ourselves. To be truly free, we have to know which limitations are real and which ones are illusions, which ones to accept, and which ones to transcend. Victoria explores the challenging journey of finding freedom within limitations. Victoria says, "I have been blind since birth and have spent a lifetime overcoming and succumbing to limitations. I have struggled to know whether to embrace or transcend limitations, and I know first hand the many emotions that accompany that process. For years I had leaned on my own stubbornness, optimism, and sense of humor for strength but it was the spiritual world that brought peace, comfort and meaning to it all." Victoria shares inspiring stories and some very practical techniques for understanding limitations, and finding freedom in all the wrong circumstances.

11/15/06 - The Call of the Healer

Join Victoria as she interviews healer, Greg Schellkun, who she describes as "a true healer with the biggest, most amazing hands on the planet!" Greg studied extensively with healers in the Philippines and has been practicing and teaching hands-on healing since the very early days of energy medicine. He has a very successful practice in California and does many remote healings worldwide. He is humble, extremely funny, and there is absolutely nothing "woo-woo" about his work, yet, in his quiet way, he has brought relief and healing to thousands, for which he has been recognized and honored within the medical community. Greg shares some amazing stories from his life and work. Greg and Victoria explore the nature of healing itself, the allure of the call to be a healer, and the many challenges for those who respond. Even if you haven't been called to this path, you don't want to miss this show. Greg's presence is a healing in itself, and you will be left laughing for the rest of the day.

11/8/06 - Body Esteem: "Loving Your Body For Good"

Can you look at your body with love and approval and mean it? Join Victoria as she interviews body esteem expert, Laura Fenamore. Laura is a successful life coach, CPCC, an assistant trainer in Jack Canfield's "Breakthrough to Success" seminars, and she works with a Course in Miracles' Foundation for Inner Peace. Laura shares her own journey of rebuilding body esteem after alcoholism and severe obesity; a journey that has led her to helping other people live more joyous and more balanced lives. Learn ways to stop obsessing about your body and start building a permanent loving relationship with it. Explore how and why we so often put ourselves at the bottom of the "to do list", and what impact this has on your health, body image and yes, on your true greatness! So tune in and call in with your questions; your body will thank you for it!

11/1/06 - Real Self-Esteem, Real Power

Do you often think that everyone around you is more confident, more powerful or more courageous than you? Join Victoria as she interviews Kimberly Fulcher, President and CEO of Compass Life and Business Designs, a life style company dedicated to improving the lives of women. She is the author of "Remodel Your Reality; Seven Steps to Rebalance Your Life and Reclaim Your Passion." Dubbed America's Reinvention Coach, Kim has helped hundreds of thousands of people, mostly women, rebalance and redesign their personal and professional lives. Kim and Victoria explore the importance of real versus perceived self-confidence, and the impact our self-esteem can have on our ability to use and manage power in our daily lives. Explore the three pillars of self-esteem, discover the sacred side of the saboteur, and learn ways to shift self-defeating patterns to more powerful, more effective alternatives. Tune in and call in; learn just how great you really are!

10/25/06 - Abundance Intelligence: A New Key to Greatness

True abundance is exercising the freedom to be who you are. Join Victoria as she interviews Kim George, Founder and CEO of The AQ Institute, a coaching, consulting and training company focused on bringing Abundance Intelligence™ to the world. Her groundbreaking work around the concept of AQ, Abundance Intelligence is featured in her new book, “Coaching Into Greatness: 4 Steps to Success in Business and Life”. Kim and Victoria explore this critical new way of measuring intelligence, new definitions of scarcity and abundance, as well as the importance of abundance in all aspects of life. Learn how to recognize the patterns of abundance and scarcity in your business and personal lives, to identify The 7 Illusions of scarcity that hold you back, and what you can do immediately to move from scarcity to abundance in any given situation. Just how high is your AQ? Tune in, call in and find out; your greatness is connected to it!

10/18/06 - A Call for Forgiveness

Forgiveness is one of the most powerful acts of greatness a person or nation can commit. It is also one of the hardest. Join Victoria as she explores the art of forgiveness with author and journalist, Michael Henderson. His recent book “Forgiveness, Breaking the Chain of Hate”, contains a foreword by Rajmohan Gandhi, and is hailed by many as one of the most important and powerful books on forgiveness to date. Hear some incredibly inspiring stories of personal and collective forgiveness. Learn how every act of personal forgiveness influences the greater social network. Explore ways to strengthen your own "forgiveness muscle." Forgiveness is the key ingredient, whether you truly want world peace, or you are just tired of carrying around old grudges! Tune in, call in, and join in this critical and compelling dialogue. You will be changed by it!

10/11/06 - Celebrating Ordinary Life

Most of the time, we are called to greatness in very ordinary situations; most of the time, we are barely aware of the many ways our greatness is manifesting. In this show, you are the guest. Join Victoria for a dialogue about ordinary life. Share your stories; get a mini reading from Victoria, and bring some healing to the human condition, just by participating in this show. Discover a gift or calling you just haven't named yet; let go of something that's been holding you back, and explore ways to be both extraordinary and fully human at the same time. So tune in and call in; the spotlight is on you!

10/4/06 - The Power of Your Voice

You use your voice every day. But do you know what you are really communicating? Join Victoria in a fascinating and creative exploration of the power and resource in your voice. Victoria's voice is one of her greatest assets. In her counseling work, she consciously uses her voice to bring forth healing and insightful words, as well as the energy behind them. In addition, Victoria teaches voice techniques to new students in the KPFA radio news department, as well as other interested individuals. Finally, she is a singer, and even used her voice to help her get up Mount Shasta. All this has earned her the name of Soul Singer. Learn just how much you are impacted by people's voices, gain some practical skills for using your voice more efficiently and effectively, and strengthen your connection between your voice and your deeper soul expression. So tune in and call in with your question; now is the time for your voice to be heard.

9/20/06 - Presencing the Future: Creating More Than Your Own Reality

Creating the future is something we do every day. But "presencing" that future is a new and even deeper calling. What does this look like? And how do we get there? Join Victoria as she talks with Franciscan, Maria Elena Martinez, about the art of "presencing" through prayer, intentional living and deep ongoing soul work. Maria Elena is a spiritual director and has served in a leadership capacity for 20 years, mentoring and guiding groups to their full potential. Maria Elena shares some personal stories of "presencing" in action. Experience this new soul-infused presence, learn what is required to live it, and hear how it is already transforming the world. If your soul work includes more than your personal journey, or if you glimpse unrealized possibilities for this world, you will want to be present for this nurturing and empowering dialogue.

9/13/06 - All is One Made Real

We often say that ALL IS ONE! But can we live it? Join Victoria as she talks with One River Institute's Sandra Bellingham about hope, spiritual activism, and planetary citizenship. A member of the affiliation of Medicine for the Earth teachers, Sandra is deeply committed to healing the Earth and all her inhabitants. Tune in and learn how each of us really can make a difference in the future of this planet. Discover the power each one of us has, and how we are all linked in a unity that connects and amplifies our individual consciousness. Now is the time for human beings to take the next evolutionary leap in consciousness in which we learn to live in partnership with all life. Tune in and join in this important and healing dialogue. The mystery of life is calling!

9/6/06 - Tending the Dream: Building Soul Relationship

Imagine your dreams as love letters from your soul. Do you know how to read them? Join Victoria as she interviews Lynnaea Lumbard, Ph.D., a depth psychologist and ordained inter-faith minister with a steadfast commitment to listen to her own soul. For the last thirty years, Lynnaea has conducted workshops in transformational psychology. Together with her husband, she co-founded the Naos Foundation where she led wilderness quests and conducted a four-year Mystery Training based on the Medicine Wheel. Lynnaea and Victoria explore the art of "tending" the dream, the mysteries of the dream language, and the many ways dreams can shape every aspect of our lives. Learn how to discover the meaning of your dreams and how to work with them on your own, or call in for help with a specific dream. Tune in and listen ­ Your soul is speaking!

8/23/06 - The Great Karmic Clearing of Summer 2006

Have you noticed an increase of challenges, changes or setbacks in your life lately? Wonder what it all means? Join Victoria as she interviews Soul-Level astrologer, Mark Borax ( about what he calls the "great karmic clearing of the summer of 2006". Tune in for this powerful and timely dialogue. Learn why life is so intense now, and what you can do to use the powerful energies of the moment to break through rather than break down. This may be one of the most validating hours for your soul. Call in with your questions. Your greatness is emerging!

8/16/06 - What's Right with You? Making Change Using Positive Psychology

Join Victoria as she interviews Andrea T. Goeglein, Ph.D. Andrea is an organizational psychologist and hotel owner, making her unique in the world of executive consulting. In this inspirational and educational show, Andrea shares the latest research and results found in the field of Positive Psychology. This is not a conversation discussing the effects of positive thinking. This is a conversation about what it takes to create positive action in your life. During this hour learn the two leading things you can do to create positive change in your life today. If your call to greatness includes success in the business world, this is an interview you won't want to miss.

8/9/06 - Igniting Passion in Work and Life with Marcia Wieder

With any new call or venture, we are blessed with abundant energy, thanks to things like inspiration and excitement. But over time, through a number of setbacks and obstacles, we often lose much of that initial passion. Tune in as Victoria interviews America's Dream coach, Marcia Wieder ( Marcia has over 20 years' coaching and speaking experience, is the author of “Making Your Dreams Come True”, and is herself a living example of passion in action. In this lively and empowering show, Marcia teaches us how to ignite and sustain passion, even in challenging times. Find out how to handle doubts, setbacks and limiting beliefs so they become part of your true greatness. Passion is not just a nice buzz word; it is essential, whether you need to boost your confidence, increase your bottom line, or follow through on decisions you've already made. So call in with your questions and challenges; the answer is somewhere in your passion!

8/2/06 - Your Spiritual Compass: Finding Greatness in the Middle Ground

Sometimes we are called to greatness through crisis or emptiness. Other times we are called to greatness through inspiration and success. But most of the time, we live somewhere in the middle, not aware of any particular calling or direction. According to Victoria, the question clients most often ask is: "Am I on the right track?" On this episode, Victoria explores this critical question with you, the listener; critical, because it reflects a deep level of disconnection from ourselves, our instincts and our own core values. So how do we know when we're on track? Join Victoria as she helps you identify your own spiritual compass - that core value or principle that sustains you in hard times, guides you through doubts and questions, and always points to home, the source of your deepest well-being. Victoria also shows you how to read and interpret the signs you encounter on the road, especially in that middle ground. So call in with your questions and comments; your greatness is at stake.

7/26/06 - Living a Radical Commitment

What does it look like when spirituality and politics meet? Join Victoria as she interviews Father Louis Vitale, a Franciscan priest with an unwavering commitment to peace and dignity for all. Father Louie helped found Pace e Bene, an organization promoting spirituality and nonviolence. Victoria and Father Louie discuss the challenges of living a radical commitment, such as strengthening yourself and your commitment in the face of setbacks, and finding the right means to express it. Ever wonder what St. Francis would say about the world today? Tune in and call in with your questions, and find out! A Call to Greatness ­ it's radical!

7/19/06 - Pointing the Finger: A Call for Radical Acceptance

In this lively, unforgettable show, Victoria works with Barry Goldberg, a professional certified coach, and Christien King, a computer analyst. Tune in as they guide you through a dynamic and powerful exercise in self-acceptance. Most of us live in a small part of our psyche - the rest, including the whiny, needy, critical, controlling parts and the brilliant, intuitive, extraordinary parts, we project out onto the world. They are then reflected back to us through other people, from those who drive us crazy to those we put on a pedestal. By reclaiming these projections, we find real compassion and forgiveness for ourselves and others. In knowing and accepting ourselves fully, we are able to change what is no longer working. So call in and experience more of yourself; learn a skill that will lead you to wholeness and peace.

7/12/06 - Healing Ourselves, Healing our World

Join Victoria for a most inspiring and empowering show as she interviews Patricia Mathes Cane, Ph.D., co-founder and director of Capacitar and Capacitar International. Using a hands-on, popular education approach to trauma healing, Capacitar ( teaches simple wellness practices that lead to healing, wholeness and peace in the individual and the world. Capacitar works in communities around the world affected by violence, poverty and trauma to promote healing, understanding and reconciliation. Patricia shares amazing stories from Rwanda, Ireland, East Timor, Southern Africa, San Diego and more. She also teaches some of the powerful, field-tested techniques which you can apply immediately in your own life. This is a show you won't want to miss.

7/5/06 - Dancing in the Void

What happens when your soul calls you to recreate yourself authentically out of nothing? Join Victoria as she welcomes Janet Harvey, channel and life coach dedicated to conscious living and an authentic expression of spirit; and Robyn Bridges, licensed professional counselor and honorary inductee into the Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge, given the name of She who knows the way. Together, they will explore this sacred, often misunderstood descent process. Janet and Robyn share their personal stories from different parts of the journey. Their combined skill and wisdom based on personal experience helps us better understand the different stages of this journey and how to navigate through it. Call in with your questions and stories, as the journey to the self unfolds.

6/28/06 - The Vicki Spin: The Heart of the Journey

Victoria is interviewed by guest host, Sandra Bellingham, founder of the One River Institute. Learn more about Victoria's work, her philosophy and her unusual life perspective, known by many as The Vicki spin. Along with her fascinating story, Victoria shares some of the practices she uses to sustain herself through the many joys and challenges of her journey, so you, too, can say "yes" to life, again and again. Tune in and experience The Vicki Spin!

6/21/06 - Heeding the Call: How to Honor the Call even when it's a Mystery!

Join Victoria as she interviews Father Jim Conlon, PHD, ( director of the Sophia Center at Holy Name University, and facilitator of culture and spirituality. His publications include: "At the Edge of Our Longing”, “The Sacred Impulse”, “Pondering the Precipice”, “Geojustice”, his latest book, “From the Stars to the Streets” and more. In this hour, Jim and Victoria explore the impulse that is calling us to a more authentic and meaningful way of life, and the challenge in heeding that call. Call in and be part of this enlightening dialogue.

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