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When I work with you, I see what is going on in your life at an energy level, help you interpret events from a spiritual perspective, and give you tools to play with on a daily basis. My job , as I see it, is to inspire and guide you, to offer you some perspective, and assist you to heal in whatever way is appropriate for you. In the end, it is you, along with the divine, who are truly in charge of your healing process.

Whether you are working with me in a class or one on one, some of the key things you will learn include:

  • How to manage your energy
  • How to live a congruent life (where your awareness is aligned with your actions.)
  • Authentic self-expression
    (communicating from your spirit rather than from fear or expectation.)
  • How to live with love, compassion and integrity.

I use a variety of tools -- visualization, voice dialogue, energy work (including aura and chakra reading and cleaning) and other experiential exercises.

I begin by acknowledging who you are, and then challenge and encourage you to be even more of that. I believe that the way to make this world a better place is to bring your best and healthiest self to it, and I am passionately committed to this process. I look forward to working with you.


After the throat chakra workshop, my energy level was much higher. I became much more aware of my own and other's energies.The workshop was a great help in bringing my spirit fully into my body.
- Lisa Kershaw, Throat Chakra Participant

In voice dialogue, I found a simple and powerfully effective means to discover destructive parts of myself that kept me lonely and detached, and sabotaged my efforts to change. Within six month, I left a stale relationship and shed fifteen pounds of defensive weight. the self-destructive parts of myself are still alive and healthy, but they no longer run me and the events fo my life. In Vicki, I find a steady guide skillfully unraveling the many parts of myself and the inspiration to carry on the work of my self-discovery.
- Cindy Rice, Voice Dialogue Participant

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