_spirit alive by Victoria Post
_spiritual counseling & energy management training

__Getting Started

How do you know if this work is appropriate for you? Consider the following questions. Notice if and how they apply to your life.

  • Are you on a spiritual path?
    __What does that mean to you?
    ____Do you sometimes need a little guidance to stay on it?

  • Does life sometimes drive you nuts or simply not work the way you would like? Are you getting in your own way?

  • Do you often get stuck in the same kinds of situations over and over?

  • Do you wonder if you are on the right track?

These are some of the most common issues I address in my work.
For more information, or to schedule and appointment, please contact me.

Email: victoria@spiritalive.com
phone: 415-928-2711. Ext. 2


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